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GAUTAM PHOTOGRAPHY has 30 years of experience we can make your wedding day is a unique and special day in your life as an individual and your life as a couple and so it is logical that the wedding photography is just as unique. I aim to capture the special moments of your wedding frame by frame so that you can cherish those moments for eternity. I understand that as an emotional day for all involved, discrete and unobtrusive photographic services are greatly appreciated and this stress free experience is what I aim to deliver. I am happy just to be a part of your day!

In taking photos I aspire to shoot the clearest wedding photos possible of you and your guests in as natural and relaxed an environment as possible as this will naturally be reflected in your easy smile and poses and makes for a much more enjoyable experience for all involved. You wedding photography package will include digital enhancements to each shot.

I appreciate that you will want to have a strong artistic input into the process and as such I encourage you to come in to have a face to face consultation to discuss the wedding photography and so you can communicate what you want out of your wedding day to me.

Wedding photography budgets are always a concern and as such I have priced my services to compete with the best so that you can get value for money. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have beautiful photos to commemorate their special day.

Let me tell you about myself. My background is in general practice medicine and photography. I decided that after 20 years in medicine that I wanted to work in a more creative environment and I recently set up my photographic studio. I am keen and enthusiastic about my work. Let me tailor a wedding photography package which will suit your individual needs.

If black and white CF card is your preference I can meet your request.